C. n C. Should Include a 'mini-doc' in New Movie

Posted by TheWeedMan 
Hi all from TheWeedMan;

Here is a copy of an email I sent to Tommy a little bit ago;

Hello Tommy, and congrats on your recent freedoms;

I saw you on Jay last night. Several hundred of my friends at the John
Kerry website have a suggestion for the new movie.

This does NOT affect the movie content, but rather, an inclusion of a
sort of "mini documentary" at the end maybe. It would be just a couple
of minutes or so to give very basic facts about the negative impact of
the decades long "War on Drugs". Something on the order of facts and
figures to promote decriminalization in the near future. You could even
invite "other famous faces" like Jessee Venture, Montel Williams, etc.
to join in on the effort. I've been in contact with them in the past,
and feel sure they would be more than willing to help out.

Think about it.... and while you do, please accept my invitation to join
us at John Kerrys site for any discussion you wish to contribute.

The link is: go to "Other Issues" (part way down the page)then "Drug
Policy Issues" then "Marijuana Decriminalization". You will be
surprised to see that this discussion is the largest on the site, and
has nearly 100,000 views in the few short months we've been there! So
come join us please.

Very Sincerely, I am known to all on the Kerry site as;
And again, I am very pleased you are now free.

"Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to
control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things
that are not crimes." -Abraham Lincoln

So what do YOU think of this.... a way for Cheech and Tommy to help out our favorite cause and gain a LOT of political energy from the movie at the same time heh?

Long live Cheech and Chong....
Re: C. n C. Should Include a 'mini-doc' in New Movie
July 20, 2004 11:18AM
the movie should include the hypocritical interviews Cheech did during his "Nash Bridges" years (when he played a COP!) where he staes his ANTI-DRUG stance...
Re: C. n C. Should Include a 'mini-doc' in New Movie
July 24, 2004 12:44PM
Fuck FCM, I think the documentary, would be 1 kick ass idea, a cool special feature for when the DVD comes out for release, they should also do a commentary track, but im getting way ahead of myself.

F*ck Nick Cannon! - Dave Chapelle
Hi(gh) again all....

Wanted to put in an addendum to my original post...

I've sent an email to one of the highest face time guys on the tube...

Donald Trump ... Mr. "You're Fired" himself.

I told DT that his radio spots supporting medical marijuana were great and my suggestion was to contact the C&C to support the idea of a mini-documentary at the end of the movie. I know he would LOVE the face time on the C&C movie doc, and would lend another well known face to reversing the decades old "War on (some) Drugs".

Keep the faith all....
The JK team is pushing the issue as hard as possible, and we need YOUR help!

Come to the Kerry site (see above) and lend a hand (qwerty) to our cause.

Stay strong and have a Spliffy Day people....

As always, fighting for OUR rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".....I am;

RK Johnston
Re: C. n C. Should Include a 'mini-doc' in New Movie
August 16, 2004 09:12PM
People need to know the truth. The real truth, not the government propaganda, sold to the public as truth.
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