Hey Man, Need a Hit Record for your New Movie Thing, Man?

Hey Man!
I'm American Lesley Jane, American Superheroine, Man.
It's a pretty cool gig, Man. Some French guy named Eiffel made a Statue of me
back in the 1800s and everything, Man. Don't ask me how he saw me coming, he
musta had some good sh**, for sure. Anyway, I'm here;
and not only that, Man, but I also, this part always gets 'em,
channel that dude who made the Beatles. What's his name? Yeah, that's it.
John Lennon, Man. Yeah Way, Man. Nah, man I ain't, but ya got any?
YEAH Man, that's what I'm telling you. All that's here, Man;
Yeah that's right Man. Well listen to some of it, and then say that, Man.
Peace, Out.


Yeah, Man. I'm, like, a really creative songwriter.
Lemme know if you need a cool opener for your movie, Man.
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