Reunited Again? Stand up Tour too?!?! Crying Wolf?

Posted by Revive_C+C 
Reunited Again? Stand up Tour too?!?! Crying Wolf?
June 12, 2008 03:46AM
So here we are again....Cheech and Chong are supposedly reuniting yet....once again. Apparently this time is for real. I know we ALL certainly hope so! It's no secret that Los Cochinos aren't getting any younger. So I hope this does become a reality. In the event that it does, I understand a stand up comedy tour is to take place starting in Sept? Therefore, I'm begging ANYONE out there to PLEASE post any dates or info they might have ASAP! of when and/or where Cheech and Tommy will be. I'm positive tix will sell at the speed of light and I DON'T want to miss out!!! As far as a new movie being made, Tommy's stated it's going to happen. But he's said this before. I see 2 issues with a new movie; 1- Tommy seems to prefer more control than Cheech would like to deal with. 2- Cheech seems to be too removed or concerned from and about the Pedro character. I think both these guys understand there's a ton of jing to be made from another movie. But do they need or want it is the real question. I think if both were totally hurting for $ you'd have seen another movie already. IMO - the only real reason we'll see another C+C movie is for them to sort of bury any hatchet between them just to put a "cap" on thier "Pedro and Man" career before one of them is no longer with us. Let's all hope that we can see them together at least ONE more time before it's too late....
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Re: Reunited Again? Stand up Tour too?!?! Crying Wolf?
July 30, 2008 12:41AM
I hope they do some live shows, have one more movie and CD in them.

If they do a movie, hopefully it'll involve their friends and people who were influenced by them.

It would be interesting to see something that is as good as "Up in Smoke", because that's the bar they set.

I think there might be some bittersweet feelings, but they seem to keep in touch just enough (Nash Bridges was a double reunion) and South Park vs something like Martin and Lewis which was really bitter.

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Re: Reunited Again? Stand up Tour too?!?! Crying Wolf?
November 05, 2008 02:03PM
well,theyre doing the fallsview cas tomorrow which i WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND because of no transportation back home.

why is this forum censored btw?its C & C!
Re: Reunited Again? Stand up Tour too?!?! Crying Wolf?
December 14, 2008 08:18PM
I just saw them at the orphium theater in Boston 12/12/08. They were better than I remember, ahhhh what little I remember from the 70's. Alot of classic stuff with a new twist. Tommy's wife opens for them, she it hot! and funny as hell. Don't miss the next show 1/2/09 Mohegan Sun CT Welcome back Tommy & Cheech!!!

I'm waiting to see the LIGHT UP! AMERICA T SHIRTS!!!!

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