SoundTrack 4 New Cheech and Chong Flick

Posted by el_callejero 
SoundTrack 4 New Cheech and Chong Flick
December 15, 2009 12:20AM
I was thinking about a group called WAR because I love their music and I thought that they would be the perfect band to do the soundtrack for a new "Cheech and Chong" movie.
However, there is a problem. WAR is now a group of hired guns led by one original member. The remaining members, the majority of what used to be WAR are now in a group called "The Lowrider Band".
I once had a dream of a Cheech and Chong reunion film. I spent years on this dream. I went back to school, I learned about computers, video editing, I took English classes and I volunteered for a non profit.
During the process, I eventually met up with WAR because I had this dream and I needed the only band that could do it. I found out that WAR is no longer WAR but the OG core of WAR was now "The Lowrider Band."
SO, to make an even longer story short, Lee Oskar, Howard Scott, BB Dickerson and Harold Brown (Weird Harold) are the perfect guys/band for the soundtrack.
So, if you guys really do make a film, please use The Lowrider Band. They are OG musicians and they have some new music. Check out the tune "Ordinary Man" at it is the perfect song for a Cheech that has come full circle. I love Cheech and Chong and I love Howard, Harold, BB and Lee.
OG music for OG comedians by OG musicians.

This is not music, this is not WAR just some OG homies back to settle the score.

go to and join their online club.

low n slow in my ghetto
Re: SoundTrack 4 New Cheech and Chong Flick
March 11, 2015 07:10AM
I stumbled upon this great interview with Hunter S. Thomson from the Nineties on Letterman.

What a typical guy but funny in an authentical way. Enjoy!

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