Can a movie idea make it through to Tommy

Posted by blood 
Can a movie idea make it through to Tommy
August 06, 2004 05:42PM
I wrote a C&C movie called Glory Daze. My friends think I should submit it. Any suggestions.

If it's an actualy screenplay, completed to at least 90 pages, contact the people at the Gersh Agency, though they probably will tell you "no unsolicited material accepted."

It's a formality, so they can't be sued incase they do something similar. Nonetheless, if your query letter is tight, and actually conveys an entertaining story, they could ask for your submission for their consideration, though it might not be for Tommy (I'll explain that another day).

If you'd like my help on giving it coverage (reading it), and submitting the script, email me and let me know.

If it's just a story idea, then its called a "Treatment", usually 5 - 30 pages in length, and if that's the case, you are much better off developing the screenplay, to be honest.

Take care and good luck.
Re: Can a movie idea make it through to Tommy
August 23, 2004 02:38PM
Thanks for the reply. I do have it developed into a screen play and I have it about half done. I would be interested in any help, I'm much better at the story line than dialogue, but I have substantial dialogue developed.

I would also be interested in any advice you might have on protecting the idea.

Thanks again for answering my inquiry.


You know my email address, so hit me up...As for protecting the idea, just go to (Writers Guilde of America).

There you can protect your writing like all writers do in Hollywood...Actually, WGA protects many things for 20 dollars. Not bad. You'll get a regsistration number in your email after you upload it. Then they'll send you a certificate in the mail.

You can protect ideas, treatments, pictures, etc. with WGA, but what you can't protect is Title of Movie.

And not to worry for the most part about someone stealing your idea in Hollywood, because the old saying goes, "It's cheaper to buy you out, than to get sued over it."

Get back at me.

Take care.
I completed a very personal script with a specific leading Afro=American actor
and director in mind. It has taken me several years to research the project and my heart really went into it. I had no address for the "celebrities" whom the script was written for, so I sent it to the Gersh Agency which represents the director as an unsolicited manuscript. My work is controversial but morally correct. I am VERY serious about what I do but have no funds for agents, copywriting, or lawyers. I am desperate to get my scripts seen by the right people, so I had a friend to notarize my own version of a RELEASE AGREEMENT. Then we prayed for success. What are the chances that GERSH will direct the script I sent in thier care to the actor/director I am attempting to contact? I am sensative about my work because I am VERY serious about what I do and being successful at it. So please do not send words of discouragement. Tell me a more effective way to get my work seen by the right people, please. And please understand that I m basically homeless (living off of the charity of relaives) although I try to be as professional as possible concerning my work and presentation.
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