The Sarge's Vaporiser

Posted by Mafi 
The Sarge's Vaporiser
February 17, 2007 08:04PM
Anybody got any information on the vaporiser (at least, I think it was a vaporiser...) that the Sarge used in Nice Dreams? 'Cus that thing looked funky, I'd quite like to get my hands on one.

Toke it easy, y'all, England over and out.

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Re: The Sarge's Vaporiser
July 30, 2007 07:21PM
Its a modified electric vacuum cleaner pipe... Here's a website you can buy one at : Also, if they are still sold out there just type "electric vacuum cleaner pipe" with the parenthesis on yahoo search. I read that they just basically took apart some old squirt gun at the seal put the pipe inside and put it back together... My only problem is im pretty sure that the version they sell on the internet doesn't have some automatic heating element. The point is not for me to light up a gun with a lighter... its so I can pull the trigger and get high... If anybody can find out anything else please let me know cause I plan on building one soon.
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