Who actually reads us? Who hears me?

Posted by renatopotato 
Who actually reads us? Who hears me?
September 30, 2007 06:29AM
I'm a 45 year old strange bird, who has 11 married years with a magnificent artist who is a mexican/guamanian/Indian 'Forest Gump". Between us we have met, loved, hated, or just had crazy encounters with many, many, historical people, events, or places. Nothing has held us as spellbound as our shared history, which includes Cheech & Chong. I want to share my husband's dream last week: He tells me that he was didging nazis in, like, France, with that History channel dude "Ermey". They run into a fleet of muddy, bedraggled, but meth-sharp Nazis. As he tries to persuade the hoplessness of their sitution to to "Ermey", he is shot once. He says, "PERHAPS I SHOULD HAVE SIGNED ZEE PAPERZ". At which the nazis all laugh as if they have just heard your skit. Then the leaders says, dispassionately, "Shoot him again." We have been howling with laughter over this. The proper inflection/accent is everything. I just want you to know that our children haven't even heard your recording first hand, but they truly get it in the re-telling. YOU ARE HISTORY, and a ood one at that!!
Re: Who actually reads us? Who hears me?
July 03, 2008 08:26PM
I hear ya.

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