Sale of clean bongs

Posted by Captain Joint 
Sale of clean bongs
December 22, 2004 11:45AM
I think Tommy's bigest mistake was selling clean bongs. First you need to pack the bowls with dank weed, then sell the bong. That way you can't be arrested for selling them clean. At the Maine Vocals Hempstock show of 2002, ( Police came in with warrents and arrested 3 of the 4 glass dealers. I was the 4th glass seller and they did not arrest me. I think because I did not misrepresent my products and broke in each one as I sold it with dank weed. When Tommy starts selling those great glass pipes packed...I want the first one!
Re: Sale of clean bongs
March 14, 2005 09:53PM
Are you joking? If not that's f*cking sweet dude. If I'm ever in Maine I'll look up captain joint and give him a call. Don't worry, I'll supply to 'dro.
Keep rocking the bongs man!
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