weedmaster, please ask Tommy this question

Posted by 1971bbrown 
weedmaster, please ask Tommy this question
September 09, 2009 02:03PM
Tommy, glad to hear you are touring with Cheech! the reason i am here today is to ask for some help, you see probably back in 2000 you were performing with your wife at a bowling alley lounge in St Joseph Missouri and I was in the crowd of about 100 at that show. After the show you sold T-Shirts and Inscence holders (nice). I bought a couple holders and a T-Shirt from you and you signed them for me as collectors items. Here is the part i seek your compassion and generosity! I had these items stored in my closet but in feburary of this year i had a house fire and these items were destroyed! the holder is completely gone and the shirt i have but is badly smoke damaged. I am planning on attending your show in october at harra's casino in council bluffs iowa and was hoping if i brought the damaged shirt as proof and bought a new one would you be so kind as to sign the new one for me? thanks for your time, and keep smokin!

Brandon Brown
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